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Our core values define us – integrity, service, and excellence. They define our people too. The ET workforce walks those values and proudly onboards those dedicated to learn and educate others, to develop innovative solutions, and excel in building relationships through collaboration.

Emerging Tech understands a work culture of true partnership. Change is prominent, so we work together through current and future changes. We are committed to offering the best benefits to our workers. Our many remote positions help foster our belief in diversity and many of our positions compensate above the market value.

  • Be treated as a person, not as a number.
  • Take advantage of Emerging Tech’s best-in-class benefits.
  • Do meaningful work, both in office and at home.

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We are committed to offering outstanding benefits for our Emerging Tech workers.
This year we have expanded our offering.
Retirement Plan/401K

Emerging Tech offers a retirement plan through Capital Groups American funds, with eligible personnel receiving investment aid and tax free growth in earnings.

Full Medical Coverage

Emerging Tech offers a variety of insurance plans to help cover medical costs. We offer deductibles on different types of medical care such as preventative and convenience care, as well as provide financial aid towards prescriptions.

Dental Plan

Our dental insurance plans help pay for general dental care, including regular checkups, cleanings, and X-rays. The plans also cover a majority of the expenses incurred for both basic and major services such as fillings, surgery, and extractions.

Vision Plan

Our vision insurance fully covers yearly eye exams and prescription glasses, as well as lens enhancements. You also have the choice to use contacts as well, in which case our plan offers contact filling and evaluation with yearly coverage.

Long and Short Term Disability

Whether you are temporarily disabled and can’t work for a short period of time, or you’re too sick or hurt to work for a long period of time, Emerging Tech employees can rely on our disability insurance plans to replace a portion of either your weekly or monthly income. We pay the full premium cost for both short and long term disability insurance, so you owe nothing out of pocket.

Life Insurance

Emerging Tech provides employees with group life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance equal to 200% of your salary, up to $250,000. We pay for the full cost of this benefit, so employees are not responsible for paying any monthly premiums.

PTO (Paid Time Off)

All Emerging Tech employees accrue PTO each pay period which can be used for a variety of absences, such as sick leave, vacation, and/or personal days. Under extenuating circumstances that requires leave outside of their accrued, employees can also be granted unpaid time off upon request.

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We are proud to be disruptive consultants. We don’t waste our time with traditional corporate politics – we prioritize employee voices, collaboration, and climate. We understand the importance of workplace culture and a sense of belonging and purpose. If you are looking for the same, join our team and be disruptive with us.