Collaboration and Ideation

Enterprise integration is vital to a seamlessly operating business. It not only enables interoperability but allows you to create a company standard across your diverse IT environments.

Emerging Tech works in a variety of areas implementing Enterprise Integration, but we specialize in Mobile Technology. Specifically, iOS, Android and Windows based devices.

Emerging Tech reduces the likelihood of failure through extensive documentation and recording before, during, and after solution design and implementation. We utilize Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) to perform unbiased assessments ensuring each system is built in accordance with its design specifications.

Emerging Tech's A.I.M.

Here at Emerging Tech, we fully understand the complexity of our clients’ issues and work towards designing feasible solutions for them.

  • Schedule testing plans with the client where the methodology is dissasembled and studied.
  • Research necessary information and gather all the necessary criteria before beginning.
  • Negotiate with the client and any involved parties to create an ideal process for everyone involved.

Through integration, Emerging Tech combines our testing procedures and strategies in order to create the best possible solution for all of our clients.

  • Implementation:
    • Assess existing infrastructure provided by the clients for abnormalities.
    • Develop cost effective technologies and functional business reports that serve as possible solutions to be tested.
  • Execution:
    • Repair any pre-existing issues and implement fully tested solutions that fit the client’s capabilities and qualifications.
    • Migrate our solutions into the production phase and conduct additional testing before submission.

After final testing, Emerging Tech provides our clients with additional management services to ensure our final products function after submission.

  • Deployment of the product to our clients is immediately followed by our additional support in sustaining it during its initial launch.
  • Final testing occurs during this phase, and any unexpected issues that arise are taken care of.
  • Ensure that our client is satisfied with their product and that it is safe and effective before we can call the contract fulfilled.

Mobile Technology Integration

With the fast-paced advancement of Mobile Technology, more and more security risks are created on conjunction with each new technological achievement in the field. Emerging Tech is equipped to deal with these risks.

Our Mobile Innovation Lab (MIL) provides on-demand services to our clients anywhere and anytime. Utilizing our 123-security strategy, which includes (1) mobile device platform security, (2) mobile application protection, and (3) mobile data protection at rest and in-transit. We work tirelessly day-in and day-out to develop military-grade configurations to protect your sensitive data against this constantly changing mobile environment